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Another Colorado original, BaOx cultivators have been on our radar since we’ve started farming thanks to its Hindu Kush and Otto II percentage. This year, our farmers were able to source some of the best BaOx close on the market and grew an absolutely superstar crop topping 24& CBD - the highest we have ever seen or heard of, even when compared to indoor CBD. In fact, at almost 32% total cannabinoids, this strain rivals the best indoor medical strains in the country in a total cannabinoid to THC comparison. Our most potent smoke, expect a powerful calming effect perfect for when you could really use a break. It’s smoke invokes warm baked good with earthy, hoppy notes, very reminiscent to its progenitor, Hindu Kush.

BaOx Bold 3.5g - Hybrid

$25.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • 31.8%

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